At my parent’s house in Buntarick, there are these big lizards that are called “thookay” in Thai. They are blue-green with red spots. If a thookay finds itself partner-less and lonesome, it calls (extremely loudly) “thookay” up to eight times in a row until it’s voice breaks. Thus the name. But in my parents’ house, there are so many thookays that they don’t have to call for a mate. Elais was very curious about these creatures — he was always trying to find them behind the cupboards and paintings.

At the waterfall, a little boy was playing with a pair of elephant beetles. Elias went right up and picked up one of them for a closer look.

We went over to visit some friends and they had two puppies and a kitten. Elias was in heaven. Anything to do with animals, and he’s there! I think it must run in the family. We girls tease my Dad saying that the only time we see him run is toward an animal (usually a snake)!