For many years now, we have enjoyed this park. It is on the Emerald Triangle, and it is run by the military, as the jungle was mined during the Khmer Rouge time. We have never seen another foreigner at this park, it’s an undiscovered gem of deep jungle, mountain overlooks, waterfalls. There are tents and campsites, a greeting center and rafts to use – but where are the tourists??

Here is Elias going in for a dip. The water is extremely cold. My sisters swam out to the rock underneath the falls. This waterfall was used in the film The Killing Fields, when the man finally escapes from Cambodia into Thailand.

Above the falls, you can go to the “thousand year spring”, where the stream starts and then falls suddenly over the cliff.

Here’s the description verbatim from the brochure talking about the stream:

Kaeng si la tip stone divine islet , a stone was have the tide then until is born is a lot of round small-sized big shallow deep different holes go to follow the intensitys of a stream . see strange-looking beautiful extremely.”

[they must have used google translate].

This is the park of many family adventures: eight footlong snakes, rabid dogs, getting lost in mine-infested jungle . . poisonous caterpillars .. maybe that’s why there are no other western tourists!!