Daniel had sent us rennet a few months back, and we arranged with my friend Aru to get fresh milk from a good dairy that she knew. And with Daniel’s arrival, we were all set to try it out!

A bit of soy milk got accidentally added . . someone must have pulled another container of white liquid out of the frig after I took this picture! Daniel and Jacob heated the unpasteurized milk till it was warm, and then added some yogurt starter, and then an hour later a bit of rennet. The milk then sat all day, curdling. Then they strained out the whey (using a boiled diaper — a perfect cheesecloth!!)

The whey strained out all night.

Then Daniel and Jacob put together a contraption, consisting of part of a salad spinner and a heavy pressure cooker, to press the cheese together.

Then in the morning they put the feta cheese in a container with the brine — which is just some whey with ALOT of salt.

They boiled the whey the following day and let it sit. Then they strained that and got the ricotta out. Any ideas what to do with ricotta? It tastes quite good!

As for the feta, it is very very good. We figured it out, out of six liters of milk we got 2 pounds of feta. It cost 1.35 a pound to make, and the ricotta was just the bonus. Maybe we will do this again!