We went to the south-west area of Khulna to be with Jacob’s friend Moin for the Eid holiday. It was a long train trip, and an even longer bus ride back. But it was wonderful to get to know Moin’s family and to see more of Bangladesh.

Khulna is a green forested area with many rivers, known for it’s date palms and beautiful rivers.
The Bhairav river was just a few meters from Moin’s house. We crossed the river in a little boat, at one and a half taka each (a few pennies!!)

The neighborhood on the other side was very picturesque– old ornate Hindu zamindar houses, betelnut groves, and thick woods. Moin says he is afraid to swim across the river as it is so jungly on the other side. It was rather dark!

Another highlight of our visit to Khulna was getting to hang out with Moin’s brand-new sister-in-law. She is 15 years old, in 9th grade, and the marriage was completely arranged. She is now about 6 hours away from her family, and is only on day 16 with her new family. She is a spunky girl: she spends hours helping her new mother with the sweeping, cooking, and dishes. She washes her father-in-law’s clothes and is learning how to deal with her new family’s more strict interpretation of Islam. As for her new husband, he is enthralled with his new wife, holding her hand and taking her for walks and watching her as she laughs and talks. The aunt that arranged the marriage does stop by to check up on the new bride .. and only once in 4 days did I see the new bride break down and cry from homesickness. She hadn’t been crying for one minute when her new husband peeked in, saw the situation, and quickly took his new wife for an outing to the zoo. I think she’ll make it, she’s braver than I would be!!