Here is the pond across the road from our house. We took a walk after a big storm. Do you see the faint hint of a rainbow?

There are these beautiful flowering trees all over the country right now. They are called krishnochura. A few weeks before these trees started to bloom, the mimosa was is full blossom. And before the mimosa was blooming, the mango blossoms were changing from flower to fruit. After a few years here, I am beginning to see the seasons change. While there is not the drastic season change as in northeast USA, there are beautiful changes that occur if we only take the time to notice. This is the joy that people who just come and visit for a few weeks or even months don’t get to see!

Here is one of Elias’ friends. (or should I say, my friend’s baby!) Check out those big beautiful eyes! The black dot on his forehead is traditionally to ward off the evil eye, but as my friend is practically an atheist, I guess traditions just stick! Like, have you walked under any ladders recently?

The company that Jacob works for is doing a feature film. The story is the Christmas Carol set in this culture. Right now the shooting is happening, though not without difficulty. The main actor (who is famous in this country) almost got fired! Anyway, Jacob is doing a bit of art direction for the film, which means lots of painting and drawing. Fun Fun!