“Psalters” Lawn Concert @ OCP

Last night we went to a lawn concert at “Our Community Place” where Dawn volunteers. A group of nomadic musicians called the “Psalters” performed; they were really refreshing and prophetic.. a group of travelling John-the-Baptists. Suprisingly it was a worshipful concert. They just got back from spending a few months with the Kurds in Turkey and they did some suprisingly authentic covers of some Kurdish songs. They really emphasize the “pilgrim” identity of believers, siding with the oppressed and speaking out against the apathy and deadness of affluent america. Incidentally, they eat most of their food from dumpsters and they had an excellent “Dumpster Diving” song. here’s their mission statement:

“we are the cry of the exodus.
there is no home for us here.
we are a nomadic tribe of psalters,
walking in the footsteps of ancients past
to the far corners of the present,
united as one voice against the
oppression within and without.
one more echo in the eternal song of our
First Love, our Hope, our Pillar of Fire.”

Musically, they were excellent; especially their drummer, who previously toured with Chris Hale (Aradhna)’s wife, so it was interesting having the Aradhna connection in there. They’re going to Sweden next and playing at Frizon! They have a good website: http://www.psalters.com/ read especially their manifesto. Here’s some photos:

The Psalters @ OCP..

Psalters propaganda…